• Sole Arbitrator in an arbitration under the BCICAC Rules arising out of a construction contract


  • Sole Arbitrator in an ICC arbitration between US and Turkish parties relating to an international distribution agreement for medical devices


  • Sole Arbitrator in an ad hoc arbitration between Canadian, US and Caribbean parties relating to  disputes under licensing agreements for health products


  • Sole Arbitrator in a dispute relating to a services agreement between Canadian parties under the ICDR Canada Expedited Rules


  • Counsel to a Canadian party in an ICC arbitration regarding a construction dispute arising out of a Latin American infrastructure project


  • Chair of an ICC arbitration between US parties relating to the construction of a power plant Counsel to a Canadian party in an ICC arbitration seated in Calgary related to automotive distribution agreements


  • Counsel to a carrier in a rate and service dispute final offer arbitration under the Canada Transportation Act


  • Counsel to a successful applicant for a community gTLD in arbitration proceedings related to ICANN process under the ICDR Rules


  • Counsel in a domestic shareholder dispute relating to forestry assets under the BCICAC Domestic Commercial Arbitration Rules


  • Counsel to a commercial tenant in a lease dispute under the BCICAC Domestic Commercial Arbitration Rules


  • Counsel to US investors in an investment arbitration against Costa Rica under the US-DR-CAFTA regarding the expropriation of property (ICSID Case No. UNCT/13/2)


  • Counsel to a Chinese party in an ICC arbitration with a Middle Eastern party relating to a supply agreement


  • Counsel to a Canadian mining company in an ICC and an ICSID case of international arbitrations against the Democratic Republic of Congo

International Quantum Resources Limited, Frontier SPRL and Compagnie Minière de Sakania SPRL v. Democratic Republic of the Congo (ICSID Case No. ARB/10/21)


  • Counsel in a domestic arbitration with related proceedings in Texas, which were stayed in favour of an arbitration in British Columbia


  • Tribunal Secretary in an ICC arbitration, which determined a multi-million dollar dispute between US and European parties arising out of the acquisition of a large UK based company


  • Tribunal Secretary in multiple, related ICC arbitrations, which related to a complex joint venture arrangement between European and South American parties.